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Close to Evil - An Evening with Tomi Reichental

Updated: Apr 15, 2019

L to R: Gerry Gregg (Film Director), Dr Alice Johnson (HTANI), Tomi Reichental, Denver Charles (HTANI), Sean Pettis (HTANI)

Last week, HTANI, in conjunction with Lagan College, held the Close to Evil event at the Ulster Museum. The event was held to commemorate the 74th anniversary of the liberation of Bergen-Belsen camp on the 15th April 1945. The evening began with a screening of Close to Evil, a documentary that tells the story of Holocaust survivor Tomi Reichental's journey to meet a former guard from the Bergen-Belsen camp. Afterwards, a Q&A session was held with Tomi and the film's director Gerry Gregg. Tomi discussed his work with schools in Ireland, his experiences of Belsen and the importance of keeping the memory of the Holocaust alive. Tomi is particularly concerned with current levels of antisemitism and racism in Europe and underlined the importance of education and learning the lessons of the Holocaust to prevent history from repeating itself. Find out more about Tomi's experiences:

Links to further information about the Bergen- Belsen camp

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