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Books not Bombs

The war in Ukraine has a severe impact on education. Thousands of educational institutions are damaged, hundreds are completely destroyed and many students and teachers have fled to other countries. Those students and teachers who remain in Ukraine have limited opportunities to school, limited access to the internet and many have experienced severe trauma.

In 2018 a school reform was started in Ukraine, building education for democracy. Whilst the war is raging in Ukraine, a group of educators, including EuroClio Ambassador Irina Kostyuk, are working to continue the education reform they strongly believe in. They are facing several challenges: there were no funds to print the textbook, several authors had to stop because of the war, and those authors who are still working, are doing so under very challenging circumstances. To support them, EuroClio worked with Stefano Di Pietro to create the film "Books Not Bombs: Rebuilding Education During War".

Please watch this movie and help the dedicated group of colleagues continuing their work reaching out to hundreds of thousands Ukrainian youngsters in war affected Ukraine and in Exile Abroad. Visit the Books Not Bombs website to find out how you can support this group of extraordinary people.

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