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26th EUROCLIO Annual Conference

Gdańsk April 4 - April 7 2019

HTANI's Jim McBride and Sinéad Fitzsimons with Euroclio's Paolo Ceccoli (new President), Steven Stegers (new exec director), Riitta Mikkola (VP) and Frank van den Akker (Board financial advisor).

HTANI was at this year's EUROCLIO conference in Gdańsk. The focus of this year's conference was Bringing History to Life, Making History Education Meaning For All. Talks and workshops explored different ways to make learning history meaningful and motivating for students.

  • Looking at the impact of big events on ordinary people;

  • Using history to think about fundamental questions;

  • Linking history to current affairs;

  • Using popular history (such as games, movies and graphic novels) in the classroom;

  • Using historical artefacts and visits to heritage sites to make history tangible.

This approach links history education with current affairs and students’

everyday life, thus deepening their ability to make connections, to contextualise

information, as well as their curiosity in the past. Students’ understanding of, and engagement with history is increased and their critical thinking skills are developed

The conference provided attendees with some great workshops, interesting speakers and cultural/school visits as well as opportunities to forge new and stronger ties with similar history associations across Europe.

EUROCLIO supports the development of responsible and innovative history, citizenship, and heritage education by promoting critical thinking, multi-perspectivity, mutual respect, and the inclusion of controversial issues.

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