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QUB HAPP AS conferences March 2021

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

Queen's University Belfast School of History, Anthropology, Philosophy and Politics are delivering two AS Conferences in March:

Government and Politics in Turbulent Times

3rd March 2021, 9.55 -13.00

This session will feature five speakers from HAPP. Dr Chris Raymond's presentation "Can the United States of America be governed?" will consider challenges and solutions to the business of government in the US. Prof John Barry will explain Elitist, Pluralist and Marxist definitions of power in his Political Power and Climate Change lecture. Dr Peter McLoughlin's lecture will focus on party competition between the two main parties, Sinn Féin and the DUP. Dr Elodie Fabre's presentation "The British Politics Process: the Balance of Power between Parliament and Government" will discuss the powers of Parliament under the Johnson government. Dr Muiris MacCarthaigh will discuss studying Politics at QUB.

Believe it or not: Religion in the modern world

24th March 2021, 9.25 - 12.00

This session will feature four speakers from HAPP. Dr Tom Walker's presentation "What’s God got to do with morality?" will investigate the idea that without God, anything goes and Dr Jon Lanman will discuss his research findings relating to this question. Prof Dominic Bryan will examine what is meant by the terms Protestant and Catholic in the context of Northern Ireland and Dr Muiris MacCarthaigh will discuss studying Anthropology and Philosophy at QUB.

As these events will be online only, it will be possible for students to access them individually in the context of home-schooling, or in the classroom if they are present there.

Access is via students/teachers registering their name, school and email address. The links to the registration page are provided above. Students are able to watch the whole conference or dip in and out of the topics that they find of most interest.

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