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1921 Essay Competition Launched

The HTANI is delighted to announce an Essay Competition that is open to all students of A-Level History, Government and Politics and Economics in Northern Ireland. Students are invited to submit an essay of 2,000 to 2,500 words in response to the following title:

Was the creation of Northern Ireland in 1921 a surprising outcome to the Third Home Rule crisis?

Prizes will be awarded to the top three successful entries: £250 1st prize, £150 2nd prize and £100 3rd prize. There will also be a £100 prize awarded to the teacher of the 1st prize student. Closing date for submission of forms and essays is 17.00hrs on Wednesday 21st April 2021.

The secretary of HTANI, Mr Jim McBride, has been working with the Northern Ireland Centenary Historical Advisory Panel to create a competition that will tie in with the Northern Ireland Office’s programme of events to commemorate the centenary of the creation of Northern Ireland. This independent panel, tasked with exploring the various interpretations of the historical facts, and ensuring that those facts of the period are understood in their fullest context, will seek to develop and curate accessible content which encourages a deeper public awareness of the events surrounding the centenary. Its work will be guided by the Principles for Remembering.

The aim of this competition is to ensure that all students have an opportunity to analyse the differing historical interpretations on the formation of Northern Ireland, through delving deeper into this topic in a way that enhances their factual knowledge of this important event and engages fully with the wider historical context. This should be a fun way for students to utilise the knowledge they already have, supplemented with some additional research, to share their opinions in an informed way and to put themselves in the running to win one of the prizes that is on offer.

Prize winners will be invited along with their subject teacher to be awarded their prizes at an event by Friday 14th May 2021.The winning essays will be shared on the HTANI website to celebrate and highlight the importance of fresh perspectives on past events.

This student opportunity has been made possible by the HTANI’s collaboration with the History Advisory Panel, and supported by the Northern Ireland Office.

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