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NI Civil Rights lecture: O’Neillism and the rise of the civil rights movement online

Earlier in the year, the Civil Rights Commemoration Committee organised a series of public lectures and discussions entitled the Long and short terms causes of the civil rights movement. These events were recorded and a selection of the lectures have been uploaded to YouTube.

Public Lecture 3: O’Neillism and the rise of the civil rights movement. This lecture was held on February 26th in Drumalis House, Larne. The speakers included Dr Margaret O’Callaghan, Dr Myrtle Hill, and John Gray.

1. Dr Margaret O’Callaghan: Terence O'Neill, his policies and downfall and the rise of Paisley.

2. Dr Myrtle Hill: Springtown Camp, McCluskeys, the Homeless Citizens League and the Campaign for Social Justice in the 1960s

3. John Gray: From Ulster Liberal to People's Democracy Activist: Reflections on Northern Ireland in the 1960s

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