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Launch of the Partition of Ireland Sources Study Pack

This free joint HTANI/ PRONI event for teachers, focuses on the Partition of Ireland as taught at A level (A22 Option 4). This event celebrates the launch of the new Partition of Ireland sources study pack which has been produced in collaboration with HTANI and PRONI, with support from the University of Kent. The new resource contains PRONI sources specially selected to illustrate the topics of ‘Home Rule Crisis, 1910-1914’ and ‘Ireland and the First World War, 1914-1918’, alongside sample source questions and model answers.

Dr Tim Bowman, reader in Military History University of Kent, will present the new study pack, introduce the PRONI sources and review recent Irish Historiography. Dr Russell Rees will discuss source analysis skills and demonstrate the study pack’s source questions and model answers. Ellen Bell (PhD student) will provide a short overview of some of the available Partition of Ireland online resources.

The Partition of Ireland sources study pack will be available to download from the HTANI website following the launch in early February 2020 and in due course from PRONI website also.

  • Book your tickets for the Belfast launch event on Eventbrite.

  • An additional launch event is taking place in Derry, 28th January, 4.30pm at the Guildhall, please check Facebook feed for more details.

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