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KS3 History Interactive Worksheets

Developed by the University of Ulster, this project takes an in-depth look at the Decade of Anniversaries with a particular case study focus on West Belfast.

The interactive PDF resource has been developed for a schools audience and aimed at a Key Stage 3 age group. Five individual sections explore:

The teachers guide also includes background information on how the project developed as well as tips and guidance on carrying out research within the classroom.

Throughout the resource, interactive elements allow teachers and students to view web links, take part in interactive quizzes and input answers and information directly into the resource.

The resource follows the guiding principles for marking anniversaries as identified and set out by the Community Relations Council:

1) Start from the historical facts;

2) Recognise the implications and consequences of what happened;

3) Understand that different perceptions and interpretations exist; and

4) Show how events and activities can deepen understanding of the period. All to be seen in the context of an ‘inclusive and accepting society’.

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