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IWM Beyond Borders Project

Updated: Jul 1

The Imperial War Museum (IWM)  invites you to participate in an exciting project.

Beyond Borders is a collaboration between IWM, and the universities of Swansea and Edinburgh. The project will explore the impact of migration - military and civilian (internal, imperial and across the globe) during the Second World War on the perceptions of peoples from the four home nations regarding their national identity and sense of belonging. It will culminate in the creation of a rich, online learning resource using the IWM collections aligned to the curriculums in the four nations. This will be launched in September 2025. The project will also facilitate CPD for teachers in-person at the IWM London research rooms examining the collections and the concepts of identity and Empire. These sessions are planned to take place during the academic years 2024-2026.

We hope to visit schools across the four nations from Mid-September 2024 to explore the project further. We invite you to complete this short survey on the project and its value to the curriculum in Northern Ireland. We will aim to hold an online teacher forum once responses have been collated during the early weeks of the new term.

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